Skin Treatments

Treatments for men and women

embodika treatments are designed for both men and women of all ages and skin types. We use Advanced Natural products which are Australian made and designed for our unique climate.

Every treatment includes a Hydro-Dermabrasion deep cleanse to prep the skin, remove dead skin cells, and flush out the pores. Our treatments are finished with our popular Multi Polar Radio Frequency session for the perfect skin tightening effect.


OUR EVER POPULAR MIXED PACK IS AVAILABLE. ENJOY ANY 6 TREATMENTS BELOW FOR $590. This is ideal for our ever changing skin, and allows ultimate flexibility in tailoring your individual appointments.




Fantastic for devitalised and sun damaged skin. Speeds up repair, and improves overall health and appearance of skin. Active ingredients include a complex selection of mixed fruit acids such as Glycolic, Salicylic, and Hibiscus flower. 60min

One session:



This refreshing Cool Marine Treatment significantly accelerates the healing of acne, diffuses red capillaries, re balances and refines the skin. A four course treatment is usually recommended. 60min.

One session:


Designed for intense hydration. Luxurious warm soft setting occlusive mask, creates plumped up skin reducing dryness and superficial lines. The warmth encourages deeper absorption of creams and serums. Incredibly relaxing, this is very popular in our cooler months. 60min.

One session:



The decadent Caviar Oxygen Treatment heals, regenerates, and detoxifies the skin. Our Caviar mask stimulates fatigued skin, instantly delivering oxygen for regeneration of cells. Helps to reduce irritation and removes pollutants, dust, and impurities which often lead to blemishes. Contains DNA, Caviar, Marine Collagen and Dermaxyl active ingredients. Fantastic for all skin types. 60min.

One session:



Developed for treating skin discolouration and irregularities. Combines natural plant extracts such as Veronica Officinalis and Arbutin which are homeopathically prepared. Delivering actives to deeper cell levels, progressively lightening and smoothing out skin tone. By treating the deeper cell forming layer of the skin, this also reduces visible wrinkles. 60min.

One session:



This is our deluxe signature 75min treatment. Active ingredients include Snap-8 and Vitamin E . Promotes new collagen synthesis, improving elasticity for that youthful bounce. Hydrates and nourishes depleted skin, reduces inflammation and diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This cocktail of serums and creams contain actives that protect skin from pollution so you can feel protected well after your session. 75min.

One session:



An intensive and active treatment for instantly visible results. Improves circulation, tones and lifts sagging tissue. Enzymes exfoliate the epidermis refining lines and wrinkles. This treatment will improve surface muscle tone, exercising the capillary network of tired and sluggish skin. 3 or more sessions will produce the very best results. This treatment is unsuitable for egg allergy sufferers. 60min

One session: