Skin Tightening

Our Clinic Specialises in Radio Frequency Treatments – ‘Skin Tightening’

This is our most sought after, non invasive, treatment. Take years off without going under the knife! Tripolar Technology is an advanced Radio Frequency Technology. It regenerates collagen, tightens and tones skin, improving the appearance of cellulite and reduces body circumference. Using specific serums, gels and creams, this treatment helps smooth and tighten your skin. Immediately after the initial treatment you will see visible improvement and your skin will feel tighter and more supple. A facial contouring and wrinkle reduction treatment course will range from 3 to 10 sessions. We recommend a set of 10 as this will have optimal results. Maintenance is recommended three months thereafter.

Skin Tightening before and after images


Area Price
(set of 3 or more)
(set of 10)
Full Face $250 $200 each $150 each
Face & Neck $325 $275 each $225 each
Cheeks $155
Upper Lip $69
Neck $175
Decolletage $275
Decolletage & Neck $325 $275 each $225 each
Hands $145 $95 each
Eyes $110 $79 each

skin tightening-iris

Please request a Free consultation for larger areas of the body.