Platinum Nano Technology

An intensive anti-ageing technology – here by popular demand!

Nano Technology converts Platinum into micro particles that are one billionth of a meter each. This allows better absorption into the skin. Platinum has the ability to restore the skin’s ionic balance via emitting negative ions that are also effective in reactivating cell function and rebalancing the skin’s metabolism. It is a concentrated anti-oxidant that breaks down the body’s negative elements. This technology also has the ability to block the growth of Lipid Peroxide which is responsible for triggering blemishes, sagging skin and wrinkles. All these exciting characteristics make this an intensive anti-ageing technology, here by popular demand!

We currently offer Platinum Nano Technology with Nourishing E.C.I.T. (Electrical Collagen Induction Therapy) – This brand new treatment uses extra fine and short needles to stimulate the skin – enough to encourage plumpness and new collagen growth but does not require topical anaesthetic. There is no down time at all!! It is inclusive of a Hydrodermabrasion cleanse, followed by the E.C.I.T and a mask, then finished with an infusion of serums and gels using Radio Frequency (also known as skin tightening machine). Each session is priced at $600 per area for one session. We do recommend a minimum of 6 to 10 sessions on a monthly basis for the very best and longest lasting results.