Cosmetic Tattooing

Enjoy flawless make up every day


Enjoy flawless make up every day, improve definition of facial features. Is beneficial for those with physical and visual impairment.

Your initial cosmetic tattooing will require a return visit between 4 to 6 weeks later to re-touch the colour as natural body healing will often absorb some of the intensity. This follow up visit is included in the price.

COSMETIC TATTOO CONSULTATION FEE: All Cosmetic Tattooing initial consultations are complimentary 30min sessions.


Eyebrows Price
Feather Look 

Beautiful Hair-like strokes used to volumise and define brows. Perfect for disguising scars and gaps in the brow shape. 

Ombre Look

Our most popular style. Creates a more defined powder look blending from light to a dark sharp finish. 


The Blended Look     

This is a stunning combination of  the Ombre and Feather look.   




Eyeliner  Price
Eyeliner Top & Bottom $599
Eyeliner Top

Winged Eyeliner




Areola Area


Accurate assesment of this area with be done in consultation $699

Cosmetic Tattoo RE-TOUCHES are offered at 50% off the listed prices!


Cosmetic Tattooing

Before and After Cosmetic Tattoing