Skin Needling

Our Clinic Specialises in ECIT Therapy – Electrical Collagen Induction Therapy

This is our premium anti ageing treatment. Skin Needling works by micro needling the skin using very fine needles. The Electric Dermal Pen provides superior results as well as being efficient on application. These ‘micro injuries’ upon the Epidermis and Dermis encourage the body’s natural process to re grow and repair through the production of ‘baby Collagen’.

The needles are so fine that the epidermis rapidly heals without any sign of being penetrated. The end result is that the dermis has been stimulated to undergo re-modelling whilst the epidermis quickly returns to normal. There are two levels of ECIT available in our clinic: Nourishing ECIT which uses shorter needles for an efficient solution as there is no down time and most clients are able to go about business as usual. We also have our gold standard Deep ECIT which uses longer needles for a more potent effect on the Collagen Induction process.

We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments 4 weeks apart.

Nourishing Skin Needling Price  set of 3
Face $275 $225 ea
Deep Skin Needling Price  set of 3
Face  $450 $315 ea
Eyes $295 $206 ea
Neck $395 $276 ea
Decolletage $395 $276 ea
Scar or Spot Skin Needling $99 $69 ea
Hands $199 $139 ea

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