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Body Contouring – Buttock Firming & LIfting – Vibro Gym


Using Radio Frequency technology to tone, firm and reduce sagging areas on the legs back and tummy. This treatment can help smooth and tighten your skin, shrink unwanted bulges, improve cellulite and stretch mark appearance and help body reshaping. After the initial treatments you will see visible improvements. This treatment will require multiple sessions to see significant changes depending on the body area. We do provide a price for one session – however, we strongly recommend 6 to 10 sessions as a minimum.

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The Gluteus/ Buttocks can suffer from a loss of firmness due to the ageing process, poor diet or lack of exercise. It is now possible to improve the appearance of the Gluteus with our intensive Radio Frequency treatment which encourages the contraction and tightening of collagen fibres. This treatment is combined with a deeply Firming and Lifting Elasto Cream. This particular area of the body responds quite well to such treatment and we do recommend 10 sessions over 5 to 10 weeks – ideal results are seen when done bi-weekly. Before and after pictures are taken.

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Achieve the benefits of a complete one hour toning work out in only 10 minutes!

In addition:

  • Improves body tone, decreases cellulite
  • Increases explosive power and jumping ability
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Assists in increasing Human Growth Hormone production
  • Reductions in delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Bone density gains in post-menopausal women
1 session: 4 sessions: 10 sessions: