Platinum Nano Technology

An intensive anti-ageing technology – here by popular demand!

Nano Technology converts Platinum into micro particles that are one billionth of a meter each. This allows better absorption into the skin. Platinum has the ability to restore the skin’s ionic balance via emitting negative ions that are also effective in reactivating cell function and rebalancing the skin’s metabolism. It is a concentrated anti-oxidant that breaks down the body’s negative elements. This technology also has the ability to block the growth of Lipid Peroxide which is responsible for triggering blemishes, sagging skin and wrinkles. All these exciting characteristics make this an intensive anti-ageing technology, here by popular demand!

We currently offer Platinum Nano Technology with Nourishing E.C.I.T. (Electrical Collagen Induction Therapy) – This brand new treatment uses extra fine and short needles to stimulate the skin – enough to encourage plumpness and new collagen growth but does not require topical anaesthetic. There is no down time at all!! It is inclusive of a Hydrodermabrasion cleanse, followed by the E.C.I.T and a mask, then finished with an infusion of serums and gels using Radio Frequency (also known as skin tightening machine). Each session is priced at $600 per area for one session. We do recommend a minimum of 6 to 10 sessions on a monthly basis for the very best and longest lasting results.

Body Treatments

Body Contouring – Buttock Firming & LIfting – Vibro Gym


Using Radio Frequency technology to tone, firm and reduce sagging areas on the legs back and tummy. This treatment can help smooth and tighten your skin, shrink unwanted bulges, improve cellulite and stretch mark appearance and help body reshaping. After the initial treatments you will see visible improvements. This treatment will require multiple sessions to see significant changes depending on the body area. We do provide a price for one session – however, we strongly recommend 6 to 10 sessions as a minimum.

1 session: 4 sessions: 6 sessions: 10 sessions:




The Gluteus/ Buttocks can suffer from a loss of firmness due to the ageing process, poor diet or lack of exercise. It is now possible to improve the appearance of the Gluteus with our intensive Radio Frequency treatment which encourages the contraction and tightening of collagen fibres. This treatment is combined with a deeply Firming and Lifting Elasto Cream. This particular area of the body responds quite well to such treatment and we do recommend 10 sessions over 5 to 10 weeks – ideal results are seen when done bi-weekly. Before and after pictures are taken.

1 session: 3 sessions: 10 sessions:  




Achieve the benefits of a complete one hour toning work out in only 10 minutes!

In addition:

  • Improves body tone, decreases cellulite
  • Increases explosive power and jumping ability
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Assists in increasing Human Growth Hormone production
  • Reductions in delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Bone density gains in post-menopausal women
1 session: 4 sessions: 10 sessions:  



We stock the beautiful Vani-T- range. Mineral Cosmetics that are free from filler, free from chemicals and are not tested on animals.
Our in house Make-up team can advise you which colours, techniques and looks best suit your complexion and features.

One hour session $150

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

We are very excited to be able to offer Scalp Micro Pigmentation at Embodika.

Your SMP Technician, Doris, with already over thirty years experience in cosmetic tattooing, brings you the latest Scalp Micro Pigmentation techniques from Head Power in Toronto Canada, a leader in the industry.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a type of Cosmetic Tattoo procedure used to conceal problematic hair loss in both men and women. It can give the illusion of a shaved or buzz cut style, or make thinning hair appear thicker. It can also be used to camouflage scars from hair transplantation or accidents. The pigments used are different to body ink and are less prone to colour change. The procedure is done in two sessions, one week apart.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Pricing will be confirmed on consultation; however, the average majority range from $2500 to $4900 depending on the area to be covered, this does not generally include scarring camouflage.

All SMP clients will need to come in for an initial consultation, this is complimentary and will allow us to discuss your needs and requirements as well as the process in general, we will also be able to give you a quote for your procedure on the day.

Please feel free to call or email us, we’d be very happy to hear from you and discuss any questions you may have!

Collagen Induction Therapy

Our Clinic Specialises in ECIT Therapy – Electrical Collagen Induction Therapy

This is our premium anti ageing treatment. Electrical Collagen Induction Therapy works by micro needling the skin using very fine needles. The Electric Dermal Pen (as opposed to the Dermal Rollers) provides superior results as well as being efficient on application. These ‘micro injuries’ upon the Epidermis and Dermis encourage the body’s natural process to re grow and repair through the production of ‘baby Collagen’.

The needles are so fine that the epidermis rapidly heals without any sign of being penetrated. The end result is that the dermis has been stimulated to undergo re-modelling whilst the epidermis quickly returns to normal. There are two levels of ECIT available in our clinic: Nourishing ECIT which uses shorter needles for an efficient solution as there is no down time and most clients are able to go about business as usual. We also have our gold standard Deep ECIT which uses longer needles for a more potent effect on the Collagen Induction process.

We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments 5 to 6 weeks apart.

Nourishing Skin Needling Price (each) Price (set of 3)
Full Face $375 $900 ($300 ea)
Deep Skin Needling Price (each) Price (set of 3)
Full Face  $475 $1047 ($349 each)
Eyes $369 $900 ($300 each)
Neck $398 $990 ($330 each)
Decolletage $398 $990 ($330 each)
Full Face and Neck  $723  $1497 ($499 each)
Full Face and Neck and Decolletage  $999 $2250 ($750 each)
Scar or Spot Skin Needling $99 $267 ($89 each)
Hands $220 $525 ($175 each)

Available for the Nourishing and Deep Skin Needling 


Case Study – Click on the images to enlarge


Cosmetic Tattooing

Enjoy flawless make up every day

Enjoy flawless make up every day, improve definition of facial features – benefits those with physical and visual impairment.

Your initial cosmetic tattooing will require a return visit 4 to 6 weeks later to re-touch the colour as natural body healing will often absorb some of the intensity. This follow up visit is included in the price. The Blended look is structured slightly differently to the regular tattoo sessions – you will first attend for your initial full colour coverage, then return 4 weeks later for your hairstroke layer, traditional re-touch is not included because of the nature of this method.  (Please Note: Follow-ups are only included in full tattooing appointments NOT the Re-touch sessions listed below). 

COSMETIC TATTOO CONSULTATION FEE: All Cosmetic Tattooing initial consultations are $50 for one hour, which includes a demonstration and application testing colours and styles that will best suit you. If you have never previously attended our clinic for Cosmetic Tattooing, it is required that you book an initial consultation. However, the consultation fee is deductible from your following Cosmetic Tattoo appointment and must be made within a month of consultation.


Eyebrows Price
Fuller Look $495
Feather Look



The Blended Look                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This is a stunning combination of a soft first layer of colour coverage and a second layer of Hairstroke




Lips Price
Full Lip $600
Lip Liner $395
Lip Line with blend $450
Full Lip with Lip Liner $695
Eyeliner (top or bottom) Price
Fine Line $350
Thick Line

Extra Thick




Eyeliner – Top and Bottom Price
Fine Line $580
Thick Line $750
Areola Area (accurate assessments of this area must be done at consultation) Price
Small $450
Medium $600
Large $700

Cosmetic tattoo RE-TOUCHES for EXISTING CLIENTS only

Eyebrows Price
Fuller Look $250
Feather Look $300
Lips Price
Full Lip $300
Lip Liner $199
Eyeliner (top or bottom) Price
Fine Line $199
Thick Line $250
Eyeliner – Top and Bottom Price
Fine Line $360
Thick Line $395

RE-TOUCHES for NEW CLIENTS (tattooing previously done elsewhere)

Eyebrows Price
Fuller Look $350
Feather Look $400
Lips Price
Full Lip $450
Lip Liner $295
Eyeliner (top or bottom) Price
Fine Line $265
Thick Line $320
Eyeliner – Top and Bottom Price
Fine Line $450
Thick Line $500

Cosmetic Tattooing

Before and After Cosmetic Tattoing

Eyelash Extensions

...perfect for special occasions or for every day wear

Eyelash Extensions Price
Natural Look 20/20 $120
Cupid Look 25/25 $150
Glamour Look 30/30 $180
Hollywood Look 35/35 $210
The Look 40/40 $240
Killer Lashes 45/45 $270
Wanted Look 50/50 $300
Eyelash Removal Price
Eyelash Refills Price
(For non-existing lash customers) $25 PLUS LASHES – $3 PER LASH
Eyelash Sets Price
Some of our regular Lash clientele prefer to purchase a bulk amount and return for refills as required. In this case the refill appointment is complimentary and we use lashes from your ‘stock’ until you run out or choose to purchase further sets.
1 set of 20/20 = 40 lashes $120
Purchase a set of 3 and get 1 set free = 160 lashes $360
Purchase a set of 4 and get 2 sets free = 240 lashes $480

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions 3

Skin Tightening

Our Clinic Specialises in Radio Frequency Treatments – ‘Skin Tightening’

This is our most sought after, non invasive, treatment. Take years off without going under the knife! Tripolar Technology is an advanced Radio Frequency Technology. It regenerates collagen, tightens and tones skin, improving the appearance of cellulite and reduces body circumference. Using specific serums, gels and creams, this treatment helps smooth and tighten your skin. Immediately after the initial treatment you will see visible improvement and your skin will feel tighter and more supple. A facial contouring and wrinkle reduction treatment course will range from 3 to 10 sessions. We recommend a set of 10 as this will have optimal results. Maintenance is recommended three months thereafter.

Skin Tightening before and after images


Area Price
(set of 3 or more)
(set of 10)
Full Face $250 $200 each $150 each
Face & Neck $325 $275 each $225 each
Cheeks $155
Upper Lip $69
Neck $175
Decolletage $275
Decolletage & Neck $325 $275 each $225 each
Hands $145 $95 each
Eyes $110 $79 each

skin tightening-iris

Please request a Free consultation for larger areas of the body.

Skin Treatments

Treatments for men and women


Skin resurfacing peels are suitable for both men and women. The function of the peel is to create an even controlled shedding of several layers of damaged cells, this exposes a new fresh layer of skin with a more even colour and smoother texture. The peel will also stimulate new cell growth – tightening the skin and decreasing wrinkles. Please note that the 3 day peel refers to 3 consecutive days for deep peel results.

1 day Peel: 3 day peel:



Hydrodermabrasion is the ultimate skin exfoliation, hydration and deep cleansing treatment – reaching deeper levels than the more common microdermabrasion – and a smooth refreshing sensation instead of a rough abrasive feeling. It will improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation such as brown age spots, congested and enlarged pores. Benefiting those who suffer from excessive oil or acne prone skin – this is a complete treatment that includes dead cell extraction and finish with an infusion of hydrating serums and creams using Radio Frequency technology.

One session: Set of three sessions:



In conjunction with Galvanic frequency machines, this rebalancing and refreshing treatment provides deep penetration of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids for all skin types. Regulates sebaceous secretion (oil/waxy matter that lubricates skin), decongests and eliminates impurities of problematic skin. This treatment also has a calming effect on stressed skin. 1 per week for three weeks is recommended for best results.

One session: Set of three sessions:



This is more intensive version of the Marine Algae Treatment as Radio Frequency is able to infuse at a deeper level. Radio frequency significantly accelerates the healing of acne, diffuses red capillaries, rebalances and refines the skin. We recommend 1 per week for 4 weeks and then fortnightly until skin has cleared.

One session: Set of three or more sessions:



This is a calming mask face treatment that soothes and strengthens sensitive, stressed or acne prone skin. Galvanic frequency machine is used to infuse the valuable Vitamins and Minerals from the marine actives within the mask along with serum concentrates according to your skin’s needs. A minimum recommendation of 3 treatments weekly over 3 weeks for best strengthening results.

One session: Set of three sessions:


One session: Set of three sessions:



These masks are designed for intensive hydration. They are warm, soft occlusive masks that prevent moisture from escaping, helping to plump skin, reduce dryness, superficial lines and open pores to allow deeper penetration of the products. This is perfect for devitalised skin, scars, sun damage, uneven pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. We recommend a course of three treatments for optimal results.

One session: Set of three sessions:


One session: Set of three sessions:


This beautiful and revolutionary mask contains 24K Gold particles within its structure. The precious metal ions have anti aging benefits of increased circulation, cell metabolism and eliminating dead skin cells. This luxurious treatment nourishes and refines the skin, reduces pore size, brightens uneven skin colour, smooths uneven skin texture, treats scars, plumps lines and wrinkles progressively over five days after treatment application. 3 or more treatments are ideal for seeing the best of this treatment.

One session: Set of three sessions:


Highly recommended to use Radio Frequency with this treatment.

One session: Set of three sessions:


Instant Oxygen, revitalizes and activates the Oxygen absorption, stimulates fatigued skin, reduces irritations due to stress and environment. Removes pollutants, dusts and impurities which often lead to blemishes or blotchiness. Activates cellular regeneration and detoxify at a healthy rate. 3 or more session are always recommended for optimal results.

One session: Set of three sessions:


One session: Set of three sessions:


Optimizes the infusion of skin lightening serum and hydrating gel for the treatment of lightening and brightening pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Nourishes and hydrates the skin to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment will give you a beautifully refreshed and bright look. A course of 3 sessions or more will achieve the longest lasting result.

One session: Set of three sessions:


One session: Set of three sessions:


Improves skin elasticity. An intensive delivery system for Face, Neck and Hands. A treatment for immediately visible results for the treatment of dehydration, firming and improving elasticity. Refines the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A course of 1 treatment per week over 4 weeks is recommended.

One session: Set of three sessions:


One session: Set of three sessions:


Pamper your over worked eye muscles and get rid of dark eye rings and fine lines with Radio Frequency ‘Skin tightening’ Treatment. Our eyes are constantly at work and this treatment will help your eye muscles to relax. The collagen eye mask provides deep hydration to plump up the delicate skin cells. This gorgeous treatment will assist the improvement of blood circulation. Fantastic for puffy eyes, dark eye rings and fine lines or crow’s feet. Suitable for all skin types. For best results, a series of four weekly treatments is recommended.

One session: Set of four sessions:


This galvanic treatment is an excellent treatment for extracting Millias and Blackheads. Galvanic frequency allows the possibility for infusion and extraction so it is very effective at cleansing the Epidermis. Selected serums are used to rehydrate and nourish the skin. A minimum of 3 to 6 treatments is usually required for total removal of the Millias and Blackheads as it is done gradually to avoid any irritation of the skin.

One session: Set of four sessions: Set of six sessions:


This is a great treatment for a quick ‘pick me up’ as it instantly smooths out lines and wrinkles, giving a slight ‘facelift’ effect. A one off treatment is perfect for that special night out as make up will glide on beautifully or simply look youthful and natural. This pampering treatment includes cleansing and exfoliating, infusion of nourishing and hydrating gels and serums to complete the session. For a longer lasting effect it is best to do 3 weekly treatments.

One session: Set of four sessions:


An intensive and active treatment for instant visible results on the selected area of treatment. Improves circulation, tones and lifts sagging tissue from face, neck and chest areas. Firms and tones the body, bust abdomen and hands. Enzymes exfoliate the epidermis refining lines and wrinkles. This treatment will improve surface muscle tone, exercising the capillary network of tired and sluggish skin. 3 or more weekly sessions will produce the very best results. For sever sagging it is possible to do 1 to 3 treatments per week for 4 weeks – consult with our therapists. This treatment is unsuitable for egg allergy sufferers.

Face – one session:    Set of three sessions:
Neck – one session:    Set of three sessions:
Hands – one session: Set of three sessions:
Bust – one session:     Set of three sessions: